You Posted What?

Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does. ~ 1 Chronicles 16:24 (NLT)

I’ve ranted before about how there are days, weeks, maybe even months where I try to avoid getting on any social media sites. The trash talking, name calling, and down-right bullying that happens there just makes me cringe. What was originally intended as a way to share information, keep in touch with friends and family, and overall increase the level of communication across the globe often times turns into a full-on brawl of words, pictures, and insensitivity. There is finger pointing, name calling, and a ton of judgement.

Here’s the really sad part. The vast majority of the people I’m friends with on Facebook and other social media sites are Christians. Now, don’t get me wrong, Christians are allowed to have their opinions, too. But, the vitriol (that is hateful speech) that I see in many of our feeds is certainly way beyond Christ-like. Unfortunately, this provides endless commentary and fodder for people to condemn Christians and their Christ. This brings me to our verse for today.

How different would the world see Jesus if we published the “glorious deeds” of God to the nations? What would happen if we shared Jesus rather than hate speech? I did an experiment a few years back with my youth group to discover just that.

For 30 days, we did not publish anything to our social media feed except for things that God had done for us, a friend, or family member. We could publish pieces of Scripture that were uplifting and easy to comprehend. We could not publish anything negative. Instead, everything we published must pass one test: Will this post help others see the awesomeness of God? So, that’s what we did. The results were pretty astonishing.

However, I’m not going to share our past results with you. Instead, I’m going to issue the same challenge. For the next 30 days (BTW, you’re not limited to 30 days. You may keep going long beyond that) only publish things to your social media networks that speak of the awesomeness of God. You may not post anything negative. Share Scripture that is encouraging and helps easily reveal the loving character of God.

Let’s take it upon ourselves to “Publish his glorious deeds among the nations.”

Published by Chad Reisig

I am a husband, father, pastor, podcaster, and author. My calling is to create generations of Jesus-loving freaks of nature.

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