The Daily Dose with Pastor Chad Reisig

Grab a cup of your go-to beverage, your Bible, and get a daily dose of inspiration from Pastor Chad.

There are 365 episodes all ready for you – one for each day of the year. There’s also a sermon thrown in now and then!

It’s available on all major podcasting platforms.

Free for All Faith

I’m involved in a couple of brand-new podcasts which are currently being developed. The first, Free for All Faith, seeks to answer questions about faith, God, and the bible, which are solicited from our audience. The Free for All Faith podcast is tentatively scheduled to launch in Summer 2023.

Podcast TBD

The second podcast, which has yet to be named, will focus on pastoring in the 21st Century. I will be facilitating discussions with seasoned pastors who provide some best practices for those who want to further their ministry.

This podcast is tentatively scheduled to launch in Fall 2023.

East Salem Church Sermons

If you’d like to stream or download sermon content, you can access it through the East Salem Church podcast (where I pastor), which is available on all major podcast platforms.