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I have been blessed with the opportunity write some stuff down. Currently, I have two books available. One is intended as an introduction to following Jesus, and is called Metamorphosis. It is written in a story-based, easy to understand, biblically rooted format. Specifically, it was written in a way which would easily connect with teens and young adults. The other, based on the Metamorphosis book, is a youth group curriculum that will lead a small group through the process of learning what it means to be a Christ-follower. The curriculum includes easy to follow instructions for the group leader, some fun exercises, and some great questions to engage your teens. Both books are available via Amazon.

All net proceeds from these books go directly back into ministry.


Jesus says, to truly experience life, we must be born again. This book attempts to answer the question “What does it mean to ‘let go and let God?'” as so many people have said before. What exactly does ‘letting go’ look like; and what am I supposed to be letting God do? It is a complex question that I’ve faced constantly in ministry, and is at the heart of what it means to be “born again.” It is with these questions in mind that this book is constructed. It will lead you on a journey, which will challenge you to really evaluate what is holding you back from God, and how God wants to work in your life. Founded in John 3:1-3, Metamorphosis will show you what it means to be transformed by the power of God; to be changed by the process of metamorphosis. You will learn what it means to live in a relationship with Christ and to be born again. You will begin not only to seek, but experience the Kingdom of God in your life.

Metamorphosis Small Group Curriculum

As a youth leader, I was always skeptical of using a curriculum that was crafted by someone else. Perhaps the major reason being that it was written with someone else’s thought process, belief structure, philosophy, or even political point-of-view. However, I want you to view this curriculum as simply a guideline to a conversation with your teens and young adults. This is not a script, perfectly written to provide the perfect experience. Rather, it is a conversation starter; which will hopefully lead to a deep, and honest, conversation about what it means to be transformed by God. My prayer is that over the course of this study, your group will grow stronger together, while also building a much stronger reliance upon Jesus Christ for their daily needs. The teachings are based solely on scripture; though there are some stories sprinkled throughout to help illustrate the point.