I Know My Truth

Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you.

Psalm 25:5 (NLT)

Have you ever been in a store when a little kid threw a tantrum? It’s pure awesomeness! It all begins when a toddler knows for sure that they either want to do something, or don’t want to do something. And, when they aren’t listened to, they throw down. Great big tears start to roll down their cheeks. Their skin turns to the color of ketchup. Their back arches, their arms flail about, and they begin screaming complete gibberish. A human, especially a parent, has upset their delicate little ego and they ain’t having it.

When a toddler latches on to a truth, they do not let go of it very easily. Their truth may be that dad is going to buy them that Hot Wheels car right now; or that doll; or that tablet; or that cell phone; or whatever it is. And, when it doesn’t happen, they don’t think, “Hmmm. Maybe I was wrong about this. Maybe my parents know something I don’t. Perhaps I was mistaken.” Nope. They cannot admit that their truth was not actually true, so tantrum time.

Let’s face it, even as adults we can behave this way. OK, maybe not throwing tantrums but we refuse to let go of what we think we need or want. We know our own truth. And we can be very stubborn about it.

But, what if someone way smarter and wiser than us knows better can actually see that what we want, or what we think we need, is actually going to harm us? What if this person only wants the best for us and tells us when we’re about to do something which will lead to misery?

As Christians, we should know that the someone is Jesus. He is the smartest, wisest being in the universe. And, He loves us so much that He only ever wants the best for us. This is why the psalmist penned a reminder to himself, and to us, when he wrote, “Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you. Notice, he is saying that we should be led by God’s truth – what He knows we need – not just for today, but all eternity.

So, today, and every day, lay down your “truth” and allow God to show you real truth as He guides you through this life and into eternity. Let go of your truth and embrace His.

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Published by Chad Reisig

I am a husband, father, pastor, podcaster, and author. My calling is to create generations of Jesus-loving freaks of nature.

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