Love, Supposedly

Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close.

Psalm 27:10 (NLT)

There is a fear that resides inside all of us. Though some might try to deny its presence, it is there. It is a fear that is alive and well from early on in life, all the way to the grave. It is the fear of being unloved. I know, many of you might be saying, “Yeah, I prefer to be alone.” But realize, this isn’t an introvert versus extrovert type of thing. This is about humanity being built with the desire to be loved. Since we are made in the image of God, that means that love is part of our existence.

The unfortunate reality is that many of us have had someone who was supposed to love us break our hearts, stomp on them, then turn their backs on us.

One of my best friends, was abandoned by her parents at an early age and was left to stay with her aunt and uncle. They were supposed to love her, but showed disdain at the fact that they were saddled with a girl that was not their own. Eventually, the uncle died and the aunt didn’t want my friend in her life anymore either. The giant, gaping, bloody hole that they tore into her life has taken its toll over the years. Though she is part of a family now (my family) that loves her unconditionally, there is still some question as to what true love looks like, feels like. Truthfully, only the love of Jesus Christ is pure enough to fill the desire for love in our lives.

As you’ve read, we humans can do some great damage to the concept of love through our actions and words. Yet, God is constant. He never changes. His very nature is love. He can’t not love. (Sorry to the grammar police about the double negative. But, I feel it is warranted here.) Through both His words and His actions, Jesus proves to us over and over and over again that because of His love, He never gives up on any one of us.

When we accept Him into our lives, His love flows into us – it permeates every part of our existence. And, as long as we desire to have it, He gives it to us freely. He’ll never leave us or forget about us. He’ll never move on to something better, or, out of selfishness, decide we are not worth His time. He will never leave us alone, unloved.

So, let me take some liberty with this verse to get to the point, “Even if everyone else abandons me, the LORD will hold me close.” [Paraphrase]

Published by Chad Reisig

I am a husband, father, pastor, podcaster, and author. My calling is to create generations of Jesus-loving freaks of nature.

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