Momma Bird

Lord, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them.

Psalm 10:17 (NLT)

There are many students I’ve had the opportunity to share my life with who have soft hearts – especially when it comes to animals. I’ve heard thousands of stories about cats, dogs, Guinea Pigs, lizards, snakes, ferrets, and a myriad of other animals and their cuteness. One of those stories happened a couple of years ago when one of these students found a baby bird who had been abandoned and injured in some way. This student swept the baby up, created a home for it out of an old shoe box, and was hand feeding it so that it may gain strength, that it may one day return to the wild and survive. She became the bird’s “Momma Bird.”

We are much like that baby bird. When it comes to sin, we are helpless. We are born with it after all. Because of it, hurt, pain, sorrow, and a million other issues crop up in our lives. Especially during these periods in life, we can feel lonely – abandoned even. There is no one there to help us. It seems everyone has fled the scene and left us to deal with life on our own. It can be a very hopeless feeling. Perhaps you can relate?

But, our Lord, Jesus Christ, has a soft heart when it comes to humans. He really, really, really loves them. And, as our verse today states, when it comes to humans, He will “hear their cries and comfort them.”

You might be thinking: Why, then, don’t I feel better when I pray to Jesus to remove the pain? I point you back to the Scripture for today. He comforts us. He’s been there. Remember, Jesus decided to become human and experience all of the pain, suffering, and difficulties that we humans face. He understands our pain (and more). In comforting us, it means that He is right there beside us, giving us a shoulder to cry on, lending us a hand, pointing us in the right direction, sympathizing with our plight. He helps us grieve and move forward in life.

However, our pain is a direct result of sin. Until sin is removed, pain will continue to exist. Sin won’t be eradicated until His return.

But, in the meantime, He is our Momma Bird. When we are in distress, He comforts us. He nurses us back to health. He provides for us, and gets us ready to face the world once again.

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