Mixed Up

Life starts out pretty simple, but grows very complicated. We get so caught up in proving that we can figure it all out, that we don’t need any help. This is a recipe for disaster. Check out today's devo to learn how to avoid this pitfall.


When I was younger, just the sight of blood would set me off. If it was coming from, or on someone else, I would get squeamish. Luckily, God doesn't. Check out today's devo.

I’ve Got the Joy

Do you remember singing the song that goes "I've got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart" as a kid? Why don't we sing it as adults? Check out today's devo on why it needs to make a comeback.

Drink Up!

Lack of water will make you feel like garbage. It also has a huge impact on our spiritual life. Check out today's devo to find out how.

Life Coach

Have you ever heard of the "Hack a Shaq?" Whether you have or not, check out today's devo to see how this strategy impacts us as Christians.

Let It Flow

When I was in Ecuador for a mission trip, I didn't drink the water. But, I still got really, really sick from something called a "Star Fruit." Today's devo is up:

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